Rhodochrosite – polished slices

Lovely hot pink polished slices of Rhodochrosite.

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Polished Rhodochrosite slices

Gorgeous polished slices of Rhodochrosite, a lovely pink banded mineral. These are sometimes known as 'bacon rock' and you can see why...

These slices are unfortunately seconds, and may have voids on their face, or a less polished face than some of our nicer pieces. They have a flat back and a domed face, like cabochons.

These are from Argentina, and have then been cut and polished here in the UK.

You may have seen perfectly round slices of Rhodochrosite in the past - these are slices cut from Stalactites and do not tend to be banded. These pieces are not from stalactite formations and are layered.

They make a great display object but could be cut into cabochons if you decide. We don't currently supply slice stands but it ought to be relatively easy to find some online.

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1 cm

#1 – 49.4x31x9.8MM (seconds), #2 – 42.1x28x8.3MM (seconds), #3 – 53.3×27.5×7.2MM (seconds), #4 – 51.8x39x9.7MM (seconds), #5 – 42×24.7×8.4MM (seconds), #6 – 58.7×37.7×7.7MM (seconds), #7 – 60×37.4×9.1MM (seconds), #8 – 55.1×24.3×8.2MM (seconds)

2 reviews for Rhodochrosite – polished slices

  1. Janette Ayachi (verified owner)

    A gorgeous slice and powerful crystal for the heart chakra…it’s very rare to find a piece like this. Beautiful!

  2. Amandeep (verified owner)

    The Rhodochrosite Slices are absolutely beautiful. I started connecting with it’s energy the moment I held it, I look forward to working with it!

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