Rhodochrosite is a mineral that is typically pink or reddish in color, and is sometimes found in combination with other colors like white, gray, or brown.

It is almost always used for jewellery, or sold as mineral specimens – the purest forms are a gorgeous red, but it is often found in pinks, browns, and greys due to impurities.

It is often banded, and quite a lot of people refer to it as ‘bacon rock’ due to the white and pink stripes.

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Information about Rhodochrosite

It is a beautiful stone which can range from a gorgeous pink to a reddish brown. It is a relatively soft stone, and can be quite difficult to cut into faceted stones or even cabochons – although some are available from experienced lapidarists.

Typically it is sold in its rough crystalline form, or tumbled – cabochons and polished pieces are available, but may attract a price premium. Faceted stones are quite rare, due to the difficulty in cutting.

The purest qualities are a rich red, caused by Manganese, however, in many cases Calcium and Magnesium impurities cause a pink colour, which is the most common shade. Grey and brown varieties can be found too – these are typically tumbled, as they are considered a lower grade.

It is the national gemstone of Argentina, and the state gemstone of Colorado, where large crystals have been found in a silver mine – excellent grades of gem quality material have been found in both these locations.