Pyritised Ammonites from Charmouth, UK

Interesting little Pyritised Ammonite deathbeds from Charmouth, UK.

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Pyritised Ammonites - Charmouth, UK

These pieces are matrix containing pyritised Ammonites, all of which were found in and around Charmouth, Dorset.

They are fossil death beds, meaning an area where a few (or many) Ammonites all died and were preserved together. In the conditions found at Charmouth, the soft tissues have been replaced with Pyrite, giving them an unusual metallic look.

In some cases, you will find much more 'golden' or 'brassy' pyritic Ammonites online. These have been brushed with a brass wire brush to give them that colour - pretty, but they should be correctly labelled as such. Some of these pieces do have a light brassy colour - this is often oxidation from the air.

This listing allows you to pick your own fossil; they are all different and some are more fossiliferous than others.


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