Pterosaur dinosaur teeth

Interesting little Pterosaur dinosaur teeth from the Kem-Kem basin of Morocco.

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Pterosaur dinosaur teeth

To preface, it is worth pointing out that it is both difficult to correctly identify pterosaur teeth and common to misidentify them.

This is attributed as a Siroccopteryx morocconesis pterosaur tooth, from the Albian period of the Cretaceous, from the Tegana formation, Hamada gu Guir, south of Taouz, in the Kem-Kem basin of Morocco.

Having read the whitepaper below I do believe the ID is correct, as well as trusting my source, but I am not a dinosaur expert.


I only have a single one of these teeth in stock, measuring 5-10MM only - a rather small tooth! It comes in a small plastic display case.

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 cm

Small 5-10MM tooth


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