Opal Specimens / Rough (Honduran Black)

Rough Honduran Black Opal specimens, perfect for mineral collectors or rock tumblers.

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Rough Honduran Black Opal Specimens

Rough Honduran Black Opal specimens, perfect for mineral collectors or rock tumblers. These pieces have a dark black matrix with pinprick splashes of colour. Honduran Opal is the oldest Opal in the world and is volcanic.

We sell these pieces by weight. They may be suitable for cutting or may need further treatment to enhance the colours - I'm not sure if this is something people do or not!

When you receive the pieces, they will look like a fairly boring black and brown rock. The black is a form of basalt, the brown often sandstone.

This material isn't the best grade and the fire is quite limited; however, when polished it will stand out more - and the pieces are quite large, so a braver person than me might be tempted to split them.
Obviously, this material doesn't remotely compare with the quality (or price!) of black Australian Opal, and typically is not often used for jewellery - more often polished and carved, or kept as a specimen - but I have seen cabochon cuts too.

They have been photographed both wet and dry. I can't say for sure whether or not there may be further colour inside some of these pieces but there might be!

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1 review for Opal Specimens / Rough (Honduran Black)

  1. Alexis Zafiropoulos (verified owner)

    Great value for this very special variety of opal. Great fun to shape, carve and polish using hand tools and wet and dry to reveal amazing colour. Needs to be wet to reveal all the lovely fire. Also smaller chips can be collected into glass tubes with water for fun viewing with a jewelers loupe or try X40 magnification under the microscope for an amazing light show.
    Speedy delivery and well packed too with cool free gifts. Cheers John.

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