Geode Pieces – Broken Quartz Geode Druzy



Large Broken Quartz Geode Pieces measuring between 70 and 150MM approximately.


Large Broken Quartz Geode Pieces

These are broken pieces of Quartz geodes – they are ideal display items, and are perfect for people who cannot break their own geodes, or do not have a place to do it safely. They tend to measure between 7 and 15CM at their longest points.

Every time we receive a shipment of these stones, some pieces are cracked or broken. This is inevitable, unfortunately – and one of the biggest selling points of Geodes is that they are unbroken. We sell these broken pieces for collectors, display items, and even things like fishtank gravel, aquarium displays, etc.


For more information about Geodes, and a full list of our related products, including unbroken geodes, please see our main ‘Geode’ page.

These geodes tend to be Quartz based – for more information about Quartz and a full list of related products, see our main ‘Quartz’ page.


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