Fossilstone Cabochons (Crinoid Fossils)


Small Fossilstone cabochons for jewellery makers – these are nice pieces of Crinoid in matrix.


Fossilstone Cabochons (Crinoid Fossils)

An unusual and interesting material – sometimes known as ‘Fossilstone Marble’.

Essentially, this stone is a heavily fossiliferous stone filled with Crinoid fossils and Crinoid fragments.

They show up as a light or grey colour on a darker grey matrix. I think they’d probably look best set into Silver or silver coloured metals.

These cabochons aren’t something we usually stock, as our wholesalers don’t tend to sell them often, but I do grab stock whenever I can. If there turns out to be a lot of interest, I can look at getting some cut, too.



If you’re looking to learn more, have a look at our Fossilstone information page.

If you are looking for other stones for jewellery, try our cabochons page.


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