Fossil Raptor Teeth


Fossilised Raptor teeth – an amazing collectors item, aged between 71 and 75 million years old.


Fossil Raptor Teeth

These are truly fascinating – fossilised Raptor teeth from between 71 and 75 million years ago. The genus is Deltadromeus agilis.

They make a great gift for any fossil collector, or dinosaur loving child – I’d bet even a few older children, too…

The higher grades of these teeth are very well preserved, and mostly complete – the root or top of the tooth is often missing, unfortunately – as seen in the photos. You should be able to make out serrations on the edge of the teeth, although this is not always the case.

The B grade pieces may be incomplete, or less well preserved.

Our pictures show a range of the qualities available, this listing is for a single tooth though.



For more dinosaur bones and teeth, and some information about Dinosaur fossils, please see our ‘Dinosaur Fossils’ page.


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