Epidote in Prehnite cabochons

Gorgeous green Prehnite and Epidote cabochons, perfect for jewellers.

Our freeform cabochons are sold singly as they are simply unique!



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Epidote in Prehnite cabochons

Lovely little Epidote in Prehnite cabochons, available in a few different shapes and sizes. Our freeform cabochons are sold singly as they are simply unique - no two are alike.

These Prehnite cabochons are included with crystals of Epidote, giving them an unusual appearance.

We unfortunately do not have a regular stock of these cabochons, and as such prefer to sell them singly, and allow the customer to select their own.

Our current stock includes: 

  • #1 - 39x25.5MM Teardrop
  • #2 - 31x23MM Teardrop
  • #3 - 31x21MM Oval
  • #4 - 35.5x22MM Oval
  • #5 -28.5x15.6MM Oval
  • #6 - 33x25MM Teardrop
  • #A1 - 25x13.5MM Teardrop
  • #A2 - 20.7x17.3MM Teardrop
  • #A3 - 29.2x19.2MM Teardrop
  • #A4 - 25x19.3MM Teardrop
  • #A5 - 22x16MM Teardrop
  • #A6 - 29.5x19.8MM Teardrop


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