Coral Cabochons


Gorgeous Coral Cabochons available in a few shapes and sizes.


Coral Cabochons

Gorgeous pink and red Coral cabochons, an unusual substance not often seen in this quality. These pieces are vintage, old stock from a retiring jeweller.

They range from quite pale pink, through pink up to a decent reddy pink colour. I cannot verify whether these are dyed or not, as dye testing would destroy them – but given the age and the quality of the stock from the same source, I would say they are not.

The petal shaped cabochons are half drilled, making them perfect for earring pairs.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade – but some photographs are still on their way!



So, what is Coral anyway? Find out on our main ‘Coral’ section.

We do also sell a wide range of other gemstone and semi precious cabochons – not just Coral.


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