Ammonite fossils from Yorkshire

Nice fossil specimens of Ammonites from Whitby and North Yorkshire, UK.

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Ammonite fossils from Yorkshire

Ammonite fossil specimens, mostly from Whitby, UK. These are largely Dactylioceras.

Whitby Ammonites are often regarded as some of the best condition specimens the UK produces, but there are many, many lower grade pieces found too.

Their condition all depends on how they were found - some are exposed to the sea, air, and wind long before they are found - some are found by cracking nodules in half.

  • #1 - 71.5x70x59MM - A nicely preserved split specimen with some water rounding to the outside but excellent preservation inside.
  • #2 - 75x66x30MM - Half in a nodule.
  • #3 - 86x82x35MM - Half in a nodule, with shell impression.
  • #4 - 82x69x28MM - A half in a nodule, with reasonable preservation. Could likely be prepared further.
  • #6 - 60.5x51.5x19MM - Some damage, still in a nodule.
  • #11 - 31x29x8MM - One side heavily sea-worn, one side nice and crisp where its popped out of the matrix.
  • #14 - 38x33.5x11MM - Fair bit of matrix on this one, it could do with some additional preparation.
  • #16 - 48x38x18MM - Decent specimen in a matrix, some damage.
  • #25 - 93x80x48MM - A damaged specimen with some water rounding.
  • #28 - 54x40x17.5MM - A very worn impression showing Calcite crystals on the front and the rounded nodule typical of Whitby fossils to the rear.

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  1. Josh

    Beautiful Fossils!

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