Amber heart carvings (Indonesian)

Cute little heart carvings cut from solid pieces of Indonesian Amber.


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Indonesian Amber heart carvings

Small heart shapes carved from genuine Indonesian Amber - an uncommon find. Amber hearts are rare in general, and most available are processed baltic Amber which has been recombined from chips.

Indonesian Amber is notably darker than most Amber found around the world. When viewed directly it is almost black - orange brown at the best. However, when its backlit or viewed up against the sun it has a gorgeous golden orange-brown colour. It often has patches and stripes of different colours, and can have inclusions too - don't expect insects and leaves though.

This Amber is brittle, fragile and very soft and will scratch and mark easily; please bear this in mind when displaying. If the worst happens it can easily be repolished with some 3000 grit, 5000 grit and 10000 grit sandpaper/polish, then with some diamond micron paste or cerium oxide.

Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 44.5x39x9.2MM - a nice sized heart with a flat back. This piece unfortunately has a large crack which runs all the way through it. It is stable but weakened - it should not be dropped and ideally should simply be displayed on a stand or in a membrane box. It is black when viewed without a backlight, but reasonably clear when viewed with one.
  • #2 - 37x29x7.6MM - a flat backed heart with both clearer and darker sections. It has a scratch on its front surface unfortunately, as well as several small voids.
  • #3 - 39.3x31.2x8.4MM - a very nice clear piece which is unfortunately let down by having three small chips or fragments missing from around the edges. It is shown backlit and isn't quite this clear normally, but it is a very nice one.
  • #4 - 44.5x40.5x13.5MM - a reasonably dark piece with a very obvious flaw to the front side, which creates a much lighter patch. Rounded on both sides, and quite a nice one.
  • #5 - 43x38.5x9.7MM - a dark piece which looks great when backlit - it has a flaw running through the top at the back, but nothing too major.


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm

#1 – 44.5x39x9.2MM, #2 – 37x29x7.6MM, #3 – 39.3×31.2×8.4MM, #4 – 44.5×40.5×13.5MM, #5 – 43×38.5×9.7MM


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