Amber Specimens / Rough (Baltic)

Raw amber pieces from the Baltic, mostly Poland and Lithuania.

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Raw Amber pieces from the Baltic

Raw Amber pieces from the Baltic - we primarily buy from Poland and Lithuania, sometimes Russia.

Our most common stock is rough Amber in packets of 10 grams - this typically equates to between five and eight pieces for the ten gram packet depending on the size.

Our grading system for this Amber is simple - grade C pieces are a very low quality; grade B pieces are included, cracked, etc but recognisable as orange Amber. Grade A pieces have less inclusions, and may be usable for pendants, rings, earrings, etc. Jewellery grade pieces - well, even I could cut a good cabochon from them. As few inclusions as possible, and good colours.

We also sell some smaller pieces in mixed bags, these are not graded - the pieces are typically 5-10MM each, much too small to easily polish. They could be drilled to make 'natural' chip beads though.


This type of raw Amber is sometimes known as rough amber, or Baltic Amber, due to the location it is found in.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

Mixed grade small pieces – ten grams, Grade A, 10-20MM, ten grams, Grade A, 20-30MM, ten grams, Grade A, 30-40MM, ten grams, Grade A, 40-50MM, ten grams, Grade B, 10-20MM, ten grams, Grade B, 20-30MM, ten grams, Grade B, 30-40MM, ten grams, Grade B, 40-50MM, ten grams, Grade C, 10-20MM, ten grams, Grade C, 20-30MM, ten grams, Grade C, 30-40MM, ten grams, Grade C, 40-50MM, ten grams, Jewellery grade, 10-20MM, ten grams, Jewellery grade, 20-30MM, ten grams, Jewellery grade, 30-40MM, ten grams, Jewellery grade, 40-50MM, ten grams

4 reviews for Amber Specimens / Rough (Baltic)

  1. Elitetjb (verified owner)

    I received 60 Grams (2 x 30g packets) today and I’m very pleased with them. Although most I ended up with I doubt would be large or clear enough for anything other than raw beads, I am no expert. All I know is they are perfect for the Viking gemwork display I have in mind. Oddly, I also seemed to have received a piece of the budget Amber on top of this (Possibly Dominican? Also, Probably The same one pictured on the Amber page by the looks of it!) which would probably be far more suitable for cabochon work or the like due to its size and clarity.

    Still, absolutely brilliant for the price. Highly recommended for collectors.

  2. Mark Beevers (verified owner)

    Good Amber at a good price will by more thanks

  3. Jane Woodford (verified owner)

    I love amber and to be able to buy it in the raw state is brilliant, so am very happy with my purchase

  4. Kamil

    This kind of amber is nice when is with combination with wood work..

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