Quartz Heart Carvings (Rose)


Beautiful Rose Quartz hearts, available in a range of sizes.


Rose Quartz Heart Carvings

A gorgeous Rose Quartz heart carving – the perfect shape for this pink stone, known as the gemstone of love by some. These heart carvings are available in a few different sizes.

These carvings would be a perfect small gift for a romantic partner, especially on an anniversary. Rose Quartz is one of the best known gemstones, and appeals to anyone, even those who are not interested in collecting stones.

One picture shows a heart carving with a light shining through it, to show the lovely internal strata, lines, and inclusions.

Due to natural variations and the carving process, we cannot guarantee the exact shape of the stone, or the exact colours of the stone.


For a list of similar products, please see our ‘Rose Quartz’ section. We sell a range of carvings, rough stones, tumblestones, etc.


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