Golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tigers Eye is a semi precious mineral, often used in jewellery making or for a decorative stone.

It is characterized by its striking golden-brown color and chatoyant or “cat’s eye” effect, which is created by the reflection of light off of the mineral fibers within the stone.

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Information about Golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tigers Eye is a chatoyant gemstone – a type of metamorphic rock characterised by a golden brown colour – although Tigers Eye also occurs in a red/brown colour, and even a blue colour.

The contrasting bands of colour and silky lustre make a beautiful and comforting pattern which reminds me of wide, sunny deserts. It is mainly used for jewellery-making and ornamentation.

Tigers Eye is actually formed from a mineral called Crocidolite, which pseudomorphs into Quartz over time. As the blue Crocidolite is replaced, traces of Iron remain – the less Iron remains, the bluer the stone. The more iron, the closer to the the common golden colour.

Crocidolite is actually a form of Asbestos, but don’t worry – Tigers Eye is a pseudomorph and is perfectly safe to handle – the asbestos has been replaced with Quartz. Anyone wishing to work with the stone in a lapidary workshop should obviously take all the proper precautions.