Sheen Obsidian

Sheen obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that exhibits a unique iridescent or “sheen” effect when viewed in proper lighting. It is formed when lava cools rapidly and solidifies, trapping gas bubbles or layers of mineral inclusions within the glass.

These inclusions create a layering effect that reflects and refracts light, producing the distinctive sheen. This can be a silver, gold, or even rainbow colour.

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Information about Silver Sheen Obsidian

A gorgeous type of black Obsidian with small inclusions that cause a silver coloured shimmering effect on the stones surface.

It measures around 5 on the mohs scale, and is generally sold either tumble polished, or carved into decorative shapes like eggs or spheres.

It may also be known as ‘silver Obsidian’, ‘lunar Obsidian’ or ‘sheen Obsidian’