An interesting ‘stone’, which is actually a form of volcanic glass. A fair few varieties exist, including a rare play of colour form.

Information about Obsidian

This ‘stone’ is actually a volcanic glass, formed from a lava flow with a high silica content.

It is hard and extremely brittle, and when broken tends to create extremely sharp pieces. It has been used for tools and knives since antiquity, and was considered for use as a modern scalpel blade.

These glasses are typically a dark brown, grey, or black shade, with some rare pieces being almost colourless. The darker colours are typically created by Iron or Magnesium inclusions.

It is typically used for jewellery, carving, or decorations, with small amounts being used in industry, as knives, experimental scalpels or used in the construction of record players.

It is found around the world, anywhere there have been rhyolitic volcanic eruptions, including much of the USA, where it was used at length by Native Americans to create small knives and arrow heads – it was also used heavily in South America by the Maya people.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Obsidian

This page does not have crystal healing information, as it is an index page – there are a fair few varieties of the glass, and you are best to check their specific pages for more information.