Opalite Tumblestones


Tumbled Opalite pieces, sold in three different sizes.


Opalite Tumblestones

Beautiful Opalite tumblestones, sold in three sizes.

We sell these in a variety of packet sizes, from single stones to a larger packet of ten.


These stones are ideal for displaying in a bowl or a small vase, due to their size. If you are looking for larger stones for a fish tank or aquarium, we do sell those occasionally although our stock is more sporadic.


Opalite is not a gemstone or a mineral – it is a man made glass. As a glass, it is quite brittle if dropped or knocked against hard surfaces, and could easily break into sharp pieces.



We offer a range of other Opalite products, including a variety of tumblestones in different sizes and Opalite carvings.


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