Tourmaline Cabochons


Lovely Tourmaline cabochons – our stock varies quite often!


Tourmaline Cabochons

Tourmaline cabochons are incredibly popular with jewellers, for a few simple reasons.

  • They are semi-precious, bordering on precious – but still affordable.
  • They are quite hard – not as hard as the big three coloured stones, but acceptable.
  • They occur in a massive range of different colours.


So far, we are only stocking a single type of Tourmaline cabochons – this will change in future but it depends what we can get!

The stones in stock are quite small, only 3-3.5MM approximately, but they do have a rare ‘cats eye’ optical effect. They are mostly green, greeny blue, or darker colours.


For more information about Tourmaline as a whole, and for a full list of all of our related products, please see our main ‘Tourmaline’ section.

If you’re not a fan of cats eye stones, we do sell a wide range of other gemstone cabochons.


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