Agate Cabochons (Stick)

Lovely little stick Agate cabochons, intended for jewellers!



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Stick Agate Cabochons

These are lovely little stick Agate cabochons - absolutely bizarre looking Agate cabochons.

Stick Agate comes from Turkey and has unusual patterns caused by its inclusions. It isn't an especially common material, but perhaps soon it will gain in popularity. I personally think it's pretty cool; the imperfections in stones are what interest me, not the 'perfect' glass-like pieces.

Our current stock includes: 

  1. Oval - 43.75x20.5MM
  2. Freeform - 26.5x23.5MM
  3. Teardrop - 37x22MM
  4. Oval - 31x21.25MM
  5. Teardrop - 30x21.5MM
  6. Oval - 26x17.5MM
  7. Oval - 38.75x24.5MM
  8. Teardrop - 33.5x15MM
  9. Oval - 33.75x26.5MM
  10. Teardrop - 29.75x20.5MM


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