Garnet tumblestones – Star

Star Garnets are considered incredibly rare – not something you see every day in tumbled form.


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Star Garnet tumblestones

These lovely red tumblestones all exhibit a rare form of asterism which forms a star or cross shape on the surface, hence the name 'star Garnet'.

Star Garnets are only found in India and in Idaho, USA.

It is quite uncommon for these stones to become tumblestones - although, as you can see from the photos, these aren't exactly cutting grade stones.

Most of the 'asterisms', for want of a better word have four arms and are a rough X shape. I have seen some with six arms, although not as tumblestones.


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What are tumblestones?

Tumblestones are stones that have been put in spinning barrels with an abrasive compound for weeks or months. This slowly rounds off the rough rock and corners – the stones are then cleaned, and placed with a less abrasive grit. This happens several times until the stones are placed into a barrel with a polishing compound for their final polish.