Calcite Specimens / Rough (Orange)


Rough Orange Calcite pieces sold in 100 gram packets.


Rough Orange Calcite

Lovely quality pieces of rough orange Calcite – we sell this in 100 gram packets.

Collectors may be interested in a single stone as a display item – as there are several colours of Calcite, they can make an interesting display.

These will be great for lapidarists or stone carvers – the pieces are reasonably small, measuring around 20-50MM each.

Calcite is a reasonably soft mineral, and as such, it makes an ideal stepping stone into lapidary for beginners. It can be worked wet or dry, and takes an excellent polish. They can easily be cut into cabochons or carved into decorative objects.



For more information about Orange Calcite, or Calcite as a whole, please feel free to check out our main Calcite page.

For more rough stones for lapidary, see our ‘Rough Rock for Lapidary‘ section.


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