Corundum Specimens / Rough (Red/Ruby)

Small pieces of rough Ruby, otherwise known as red Corundum.


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Rough Ruby specimens

As a collector, you may love these lower grade pieces of rough Ruby. Technically, as these are not a gem grade, they are considered to be 'red Corundum' - however, we know what you'll have searched to get here...

These are definitely not cutting grade, and the lower grades may be a very dark browny-red,  almost black. The grading system we use for them is internal only - its purely in relation to the quality of material we possess. There is no wider 'standard' for grading of material like this. Grade A in this instance just means the best material we have currently. It isn't facet quality!

You may notice these stones do tend to show off the hexagonal shapes common to Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire, etc).

In stock,  we currently have:

  • Graded specimens from the Kiteto District, Manyara Region of Tanzania - available in a few sizes and qualities. These specimens are opaque to translucent but do show good crystalline form and the higher quality pieces show a bright fluorescence.
  • Various specimens from Yên Bái Province, Vietnam, showing good crystalline form - pick your own!
  • Various specimen mixes from Vietnam, small pieces from 5-10MM approximately, which will make excellent micromounts.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm

#4 – 10.3×4.4×3.7MM – Vietnam, #7 – 13x7x6.3MM – Vietnam, #9 – 11×6.2×5.4MM – Vietnam, #11 – 12.9×9.4×5.2MM – Vietnam, 5-10MM A – Tanzania, 10pcs, 10-15MM A – Tanzania, 5pcs, 15-20MM A – Tanzania, 1pc, 20-25MM A Tanzania, 1pc, 25-30MM A – Tanzania, 1pc, 30-35MM A – Tanzania, 1pc, 35-40MM A – Tanzania, 1pc, 5-10MM B – Tanzania, 10pcs, 10-15MM B – Tanzania, 5pcs, 15-20MM B – Tanzania, 5pcs, 20-25MM B Tanzania, 1pc, 25-30MM B – Tanzania, 1pc, 30-35MM B – Tanzania, 1pc, 35-40MM B – Tanzania, 1pc, 5-10MM C – Tanzania, 10pcs, 10-15MM C – Tanzania, 10pcs, 15-20MM C – Tanzania, 10pcs, 20-25MM C Tanzania, 5pcs, 25-30MM C – Tanzania, 1pc, 30-35MM C – Tanzania, 1pc, 35-40MM C – Tanzania, 1pc, Mixed fragments – Tanzania – 50 gram packet