Corundum Specimens / Rough (Red/Ruby)


Small pieces of rough Ruby, otherwise known as red Corundum.



Rough Ruby specimens

As a collector, you may love these lower grade pieces of rough Ruby.

These are definitely not cutting grade, and will not show off the gorgeous red colour typical of higher quality Rubies.

Someof these specimens will be almost black unless they are lit through with a torch or similar. However, they are an inexpensive choice for gemstone collectors.


You may notice these stones do tend to show off the hexagonal shapes common to Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire, etc).

In stock,  we currently have:

  1. 15-30MM crystals from Madagascar, at the low end of the quality grade.
  2. 4.54ct crystal from Vietnam, measuring 8.7×7.6×6.2MM approximately.
  3. 3.15ct crystal from Vietnam, measuring 10×7.2×5.7MM approximately.
  4. 4.04ct crystal from Vietnam, measuring 10.9x9x5.7MM approximately.
  5. 2.43ct crystal from Vietnam, measuring 10.3×5.7×5.4MM approximately.
  6. Mixed packets of 5 crystal fragments from Longido in Tanzania, measuring 4-8MM approximately.



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