Corundum Specimens / Rough (Red/Ruby)

Small pieces of rough Ruby, otherwise known as red Corundum.



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Rough Ruby specimens

As a collector, you may love these lower grade pieces of rough Ruby. Technically, as these are not a gem grade, they are considered to be 'red Corundum' - however, we know what you'll have searched to get here...

These are definitely not cutting grade, and the lower grades may be a very dark browny-red,  almost black.

You may notice these stones do tend to show off the hexagonal shapes common to Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire, etc).

In stock,  we currently have:

  • Graded specimens from the Kiteto District, Manyara Region of Tanzania - available in a few sizes and qualities. These specimens are opaque to translucent but do show good crystalline form and the higher quality pieces show a bright fluorescence.
  • Various specimens from Vietnam, showing good crystalline form - pick your own!
  • Various specimen mixes from Vietnam, small pieces from 5-10MM approximately, which will make excellent micromounts.

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