Quartz with Hydrocarbon Inclusions

Quartz crystals with hydrocarbon inclusions from Balochistan, Pakistan.



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Quartz with Hydrocarbon Inclusions

These are gorgeous clear Quartz pieces with various hydrocarbon inclusions, sometimes including solids, liquids, and gases.

While we are not able to determine the exact makeup of the inclusions, they are hydrocarbon based, typically in the form of gas bubbles - possibly methane, yellow liquids - generally referred to as petroleum, or black solids - possibly bituminous or asphaltene. They may also have some air bubbles in water or another liquid.

Certain pieces of the hydrocarbon inclusions are extremely UV fluorescent - and they make excellent pieces for examination under a microscope.

Our current stock consists of the following - please click the numbers in the drop down menu to see closeup photos of each piece.

  • #1 - 21.2x9.5x5MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #2 - 12x7.5x6MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #3 - 11x9.5x6.2MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #4 - 11.5x9.3x6MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #5 - 20.8x22x9.1MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan. This piece has a very unusual 'spiral' formation inside.
  • #6 - 11x8x5MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #7 - 18.7x12x9.5MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • #8 - 21.4x10.7x7.8MM, from Balochistan, Pakistan.


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