Polished Fluorite Slices

Polished green and purple Fluorite slices, available in a few sizes.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Polished Fluorite Slices

Lovely polished Fluorite slices, available in a few sizes.

These pieces are ideal for people who want to try cutting cabochons, but to be honest, they're excellent display pieces too.
If they were left to hang in a window, or backlit somehow, the colours would look amazing.


Because these are natural cut pieces of Fluorite, the colours and banding will vary from piece to piece!

Our current stock includes:

#1 - A small but brightly coloured piece with a flat base for display. It measures 55x55x10MM approximately. Unfortunately, this piece does have some chips and edge damage, but luckily these are all on one side so the other could be displayed. It has been given a reduced price because of this.


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