Opal Specimens – Australian Opal (Coober Pedy)


Lovely little crystal Opal pieces from Coober Pedy.


Opal Specimens – Australian Opal (Coober Pedy)

These are small crystal pieces of Opal from the famous Australian Opal fields in Coober Pedy.

These opals are mostly crackled/crazed. This means there are white spiderweb cracks across the stones – they are no good for cutting or polishing.

They are, however, a reasonable way to get some Aus Opal at a decent price.

We do occasionally have some small packets of non crackled Opal that may be suitable for cutting – but I’m no lapidarist.

Our current stock includes:

  • Five gram packets of crackled pieces, lower grade.
  • 20ct (4 gram) packets of non crackled pieces. These are lovely stones.



For information about Opals, and a full list of related products, take a look at our ‘Opal’ page.


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