Opal Cabochons (Ethiopian Welo Freeforms)

Gorgeous Ethiopian Welo Opal freeform cabochons, in a range of unusual shapes and sizes.



Ethiopian Welo Opal freeform cabochons

Gorgeous Welo Opal Cabochons - these will look amazing when properly set into jewellery, or inlaid into woodwork.

Freeform cabochons are not cut to a specific size; they are typically set to maximise size and/or colour.

Our current stock includes:

  • Rose cut #1 - 0.9ct - 9.9x7.2MM
  • Rose cut #2 - 1.15ct - 10.1x9.3MM
  • Rose cut #3 - 0.45ct - 10.1x6.1MM
  • Rose cut #4 - 0.75ct - 10x8.3MM

The rose cut stones are a little on the thin side, and would perhaps benefit from a backing of some kind prior to setting.


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