Neodymium rare earth Magnets


Small but incredibly strong neodymium magnets for quick and simple metal testing.


Neodymium rare earth Magnets

Small but incredibly powerful neodymium magnets, also known as rare earth magnets – perfect for quick and easy metal testing.

Magnets are great for:

  • Easy testing of costume jewellery.
  • Picking up fine drill bits, etc.
  • With a sock over them, they are great for picking up dropped steel shot.
  • Testing the non magnetic ‘quench point’ of steel tools.
  • Bolt them to walls or a desk for quick and easy tool holders.


The three primary magnetic metals we are interested in are iron, nickel, and cobalt. We will hopefully never find cobalt in any piece of jewellery, so it’s more iron and nickel, to be honest.

All a magnet will do is tell you if something contains a large amount of one of the two. Typically, it’ll be a large amount of iron, and will indicate a steel chain. Far easier than doing an acid test when working through a selection of pieces!


Pretty much everything attracted to a magnet will be costume jewellery, but check in a few places. The clasp is a poor choice, as the internal mechanism and spring will be made from steel, not copper, gold, or silver. Ideally, check the pendant and chain, or main body of any piece of jewellery.


These magnets are removed from desktop computer hard disk drives which are being recycled. Selling them like this keeps them in use, intact, and out of landfill.


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