Photography scale cubes


10MM plastic cubes, intended to be used as a size reference in photography.


Photography scale cubes – for specimen photography

These brightly coloured plastic cubes measure 10MM cubed, and are intended for use in photography, to give scale to an object.

We currently only sell these in a packet of ten – they come in random mixed colours which may include white, brown, red, yellow, green, blue and black.

These cubes can be very helpful in a few different fields, including gemstone jewellery, mineral identification, and fossil identification.

While we could use a coin, the Internet is international – many experts live abroad and may not know the size of a 50p, a ruble, a quarter or a yen coin.

A 10MM/1CM cube is as close to universal as we can reasonably get, in my opinion. The worst item I’ve ever seen used for scale is a paint roller, in a photograph of minerals – it didn’t just look bad, but there are multiple sizes of paint rollers, too.



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