Jewellers Solder – Bronze / Copper / Brass

Lengths of jewellers solder.

We offer Bronze, and Copper solder wires – with a better colour match than simply using Silver solder.

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Jewellers Solder - Bronze / Copper / Brass

This solder is intended for soldering metal pieces together for jewellery making - we sell brass, bronze, and copper solders.

It has a more colour accurate look than Silver solder when used for soldering copper alloys.



2022 update: We now source this solder from the UK.

These may be a slightly less convenient form for jewellers - eg 1.5MM rods rather than 1MM wire, it does work out cheaper and you get more solder for your money.

I have no idea why the foundry finds 60CM rods easier to manufacture, but - well, I'll stick with their recommendation!


Bronze Jewellers Solder

Our Bronze solder melts between 665-755C and should begin to flow around 690C. Sold as a 1.5MM rod, 60CM lengths.

This solder is comprised of 30% fine silver, 36% Copper, 32% Zinc and 2% Tin. Flux recommended; borax or Easy-flo are the recommended choices for a flux.


Copper Jewellers Solder

This Copper solder starts to melt between 710-770C with a flow point around 720C. It is composed of 92.2% Copper, 7.8% Phosphorus and is self-fluxing when used on Copper-Copper joints. If used on Copper alloys a seperate flux may be required and many of my customers swear by simple Borax.

Sold as a 1.5MM rod, new as of 10/22 - sold as 60CM lengths. A 60CM length weighs approximately 8.2 grams, which means you get more than double the amount of the older wire solder for the same price, and you don't have to buy as much!

The old copper solder was 90p per foot, or 90p per 1.9g approximately. The new solder is £1.25 for 4.1 grams - more than double the amount.


Brass Jewellers Solder

Our Brass solder melts between 660-710C and should begin to flow around 675C. This is still sold as a 0.8MM wire solder and is sold in 60CM lengths too.

This solder is comprised of 40% fine silver, 30% Copper, 28% Zinc and 2% Tin. Flux recommended; borax or Easy-flo are the recommended choices for a flux.



It can be done with propane, bi-fuel gases, etc. It may be possible with a micro Butane torch but I have not tried personally. I would highly recommend experimenting with various things - if you are having trouble soldering, try using a solder pick.


If you're having trouble make sure your joints are as tight as possible - tension closed ideally!

Make sure everything is clean, as Copper alloys love to take oils from your skin.

If in doubt, make it hotter, try a solder pick, and try some Borax.


It is not suitable for use with an electronics soldering iron as these do not create enough of a high temperature.

These are hard solders to cut, and we recommend either a piercing saw or a good pair of tin snips/aviation shears. I use a pair of brake cable cutters for a bike - obviously, I cut this solder daily!


While we sell this solder by length, you may receive several pieces totalling the length you ordered. This is purely to save on packaging and postage costs for you.



Additional information

Weight 0.0 kg
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 0.5 cm
Solder type

Brass solder – 0.8MM wire, 60CM, Bronze solder – 1.5MM rods, 60CM, Copper solder – 1.5MM rods, 60CM

19 reviews for Jewellers Solder – Bronze / Copper / Brass

  1. Sarah Miles (verified owner)

    Superfast delivery of this hard-to-find product, I will definitely be back for more when I run out!

  2. Mark Osborne (verified owner)

    Never used this company before.. Truly impressed.. With the price and service.. Will definitely buy from again and soon.. Thank you 🖖😁

  3. Martyn’s Copper Creations (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have used Albion and the second time purchasing this product. Myexperience on both occasions was a fast delivery and friendly service.

  4. Joanne Ashford (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with A.F&I. Great quality, selection of items and price. no nonsense delivery.
    what’s not to love!
    I will be back for more goodies. Highly recommended. 👌

  5. Natalie (verified owner)

    great copper solder, – a much better colour match than other copper solder that I have used

  6. Hilary Victoria Minor (verified owner)

    Fast delivery of the brass solder I wanted. I am completely happy with my purchase and with the service I received from Albion Fire and Ice and will order from them again 🙂

  7. Sulayman Williamson (verified owner)

    Brilliant solder, one of best I have used for copper wire soldering.

  8. Adrienn (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent service! Very satisfied and will reorder for sure!

  9. Peter Edwards (verified owner)

    Good products and service, thank you 😊

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