Jewellers Solder – Bronze / Copper / Brass

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Jewellery solder pieces, sold by the foot. We offer Brass, Bronze, and Copper solders.



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Jewellers Solder – Bronze / Copper / Brass

This jewellers solder is intended for soldering metal pieces together – we sell brass, bronze, and copper solders.

It has a more colour accurate look than Silver solder when soldered. These solder pieces are sold in one foot lengths.


Brass Solder

The melt temperature for our Brass solder is around 600c; the flow temperature is around 700c. Sold in one foot lengths of 0.8MM wire.

Bronze Solder

Our Bronze solder starts to melt at around 700c and will flow at 800c approximately. These wires are 0.8MM thick approximately – one foot lengths.

Copper Solder

This Copper solder has a melt point around 700c and will start to flow at around 800c approximately. Around 1MM thick in wire form and sold in one foot lengths.


It can be done with propane, oxy, etc. It may be possible with a micro Butane torch but I have not tried personally.

These solder should not need flux, but we would recommend experimenting before trying on an actual piece as it does behave differently to silver solder.

These are hard solders to cut, and we recommend either a piercing saw or a good pair of tin snips/aviation shears.

While we sell this solder by the foot, you may receive several pieces totalling the length you ordered. This is purely to save on packaging and postage costs for you.

2 reviews for Jewellers Solder – Bronze / Copper / Brass

  1. Wendy Kinsey

    Just what I needed – extremely high quality – will be ordering more !! thank you very much

  2. [email protected]

    Very prompt service. Bought the copper solder and very pleased with the results,no nasty silver line to show where the joint has been soldered.

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