Moldavite Specimens


Lovely specimen pieces of Moldavite , a ‘glass’ formed from heat and pressure during the impact of a meteorite.


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Moldavite Specimens (Meteorite Glass / Impact Glass)

Lovely Moldavite specimens, a heavily included type of ‘glass’ caused by the impact of meteorites on soil, mud, etc. Moldavite pieces are green, and are found in parts of Europe – typically around Germany and the Czech Republic.

We sell these pieces by weight – the same way we buy them. The piece pictured is the exact piece you will receive. The current specimen is around 3.1 grams.

The soil or other material is catapulted into the atmosphere, and upon falling, gains a ‘glassy’ outer surface with bubbles and other signs of intense heat.

There are other types of Tektite – the more common ‘black Tektite’ and the yellow coloured Libyan Desert Glass.



For more information about Tektites, please feel free to check out our main Tektite page.


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