Tektite Specimens (Black)


Lovely specimen pieces of Tektite, a ‘glass’ formed from heat and pressure during the impact of a meteorite.

Black Tektite specimens (Meteorite Glass)

Lovely specimen pieces of black Tektite, a heavily included type of ‘glass’ caused by the impact of meteorites on soil, mud, etc.

The soil or other material is catapulted into the atmosphere, and upon falling, gains a ‘glassy’ outer surface with bubbles and other signs of intense heat.

Black Tektites are the most common type of Tektite, found all across Asia and possibly worldwide. There are other types too – Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are both types of Tektite. However, these are both significantly more expensive than the humble black pieces.



For more information about Tektites, please feel free to check out our main Tektite page.


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