Malachite Egg Carvings

Gorgeous green Malachite egg carvings, with a free display stand.


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Carved Malachite Eggs

Gorgeous polished green Malachite eggs, cut from a single piece of quality Malachite. As these are cut from natural pieces of stone, the colours, shape, and patterns can vary quite drastically!

These pieces all come with a free display stand; no need to buy one. We generally pair black plastic stands with these eggs, although the smaller eggs are too small and do come with a clear stand or Hematite ring stand.

These pictures you'll see in this listing are the exact pieces you'll receive.

Our current stock includes:

  • #3 - 36x25x22.5MM approximately. Nice banded piece.
  • #6 - 39x26x26MM approximately. A nice classically banded piece.
  • #8 - 44x36x35MM approximately. A nice piece that unfortunately has a few minor scratches.


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