Azurite and Malachite Specimens

Small specimens of Azurite and Malachite, available in a range of sizes.

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Azurite and Malachite Specimens

Azurite and Malachite specimens - small blue crystal and green Malachite formations on a matrix backing, available in a range of sizes.

Sometimes these pieces may include gypsum crystals too. These specimen pieces have great colours - primarily blue Azurite, but with nice bands or patches of green from the Malachite too.

All our current stock is from Morocco.


There is currently one large specimen in stock, weighing 1.55kg; it measures 17x11x6CM so quite a large piece - primarily small growths of Azurite and Malachite over a Quartz matrix rock. It's unlikely the ore continues through the rock, meaning this is best as a display piece as-is.


Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 cm

25-35MM – Grade A, 25-35MM – Grade B, 25-35MM – Grade C, 35-45MM – Grade A, 35-45MM – Grade B, 35-45MM – Grade C, 45-60MM – Grade A, 45-60MM – Grade B, 45-60MM – Grade C, #1 – 17x11x6CM / 1.55kg

1 review for Azurite and Malachite Specimens

  1. renerobertson (verified owner)

    This is my first Azurite and Malachite Specimen and it is gorgeous. I will definitely be buying again. Very pleased!

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