Magnetite Crystal Specimens

Interesting little Magnetite crystal specimens, largely showing good octahedral formation.

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Magnetite Crystal Specimens

Interesting little Magnetite crystal specimens, largely showing good octahedral formation. They are measured from their top to bottom - point to point, I guess!

The description for this product previously turns out to not be particularly accurate anymore... I once thought these weren't going to be very popular but actually they sell very well - so now I am carrying Magnetite crystals from around the world.

These pieces are probably not going to find a home in most collections, to be honest. They're not the most attractive specimens - a rusty brown colour and rarely perfectly formed. We do, however, sell an 'A Grade', which will be almost perfect and without any major missing pieces etc.

They are the most magnetic naturally occurring mineral on Earth, and can be magnetised to become a magnet. If your collection lies around the concepts of force or energy, that's a pretty cool addition right there.

Our grading system isn't perfect and does need some work - I will be uploading a grading image soon hopefully. Essentially, grade C pieces are fragmentary, pieces where the octahedral formation can be recognised, but broken. The B grade are mostly complete but missing areas. The A grade are almost entirely complete.


Our current stock includes crystals from:

  • Australia: Various locations
  • Brazil: Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Pakistan: Shigar valley in Pakistan, near to Skardu (including a one off small pack with seventeen 3-8MM crystals).
  • USA: Iron Country, Utah, USA. Clusters of crystals, rather than singular crystals. These may come with a free display case - unfortunately the case is of poor quality and often scratched.



Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Size and shape

Brazil – 5-10MM A, 5pc, Brazil – 10-15MM A 1pc, Brazil – 5-10MM B, 5pc, Brazil – 10-15MM B 1pc, Pakistan – 5-10MM A, 1pc, Pakistan – 10-15MM A, 1pc, Pakistan – 15-20MM A, 1pc, Pakistan – 5-10MM B, 5pc, Pakistan – 10-15MM B, 1pc, Pakistan – 15-20MM B, 1pc, Pakistan – 20-25MM B, 1pc, Pakistan – 5-10MM C, 5pc, Pakistan – 10-15MM C, 1pc, Pakistan – 15-20MM C, 1pc, Pakistan – 20-25MM C, 1pc, Pakistan – 20 grams of fragments, Australia – 5-10MM B, 5pc, Australia – 5-10MM A, 1pc, USA – 20-30MM cluster, 1pc

3 reviews for Magnetite Crystal Specimens

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great little magnetite specimen; so good to find a site which has rarer crystals like this which are usually so hard to source and I particularly love that many of the crystals are graded. This is so important when buying online and you can’t actually see and touch the crystals before you buy.

  2. Jo (verified owner)

    I really like the shape of my higher quality magnetite

  3. Mike James (verified owner)

    Good product that has allowed me to show the difference between magnetite samples and false hematite

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