Lodestone Specimens

Lodestone Specimens, available in a few different sizes.

Lodestone is a naturally occurring magnetised mineral.


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Lodestone Specimens

Lodestone Specimens - a naturally occurring magnetic type of the mineral Magnetite. Honestly, I'd think the names would be the other way round, but what do I know.

These pieces are available in a few different sizes. They do not show any crystalline form and should be considered fragments or rounded fragments.

While these are magnetised, they don't compare to neodymium magnets - they do, however, attract Iron filings quite readily. In some cases, they have very limited magnetism - in addition to this, the magnetised area of the specimen may be quite small, and is rarely the full surface of the specimen.

They're an interesting little specimen but I don't think they'll be the pride of anyone's collection - prove me wrong?


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