Libyan Desert Glass specimens

Lovely specimen pieces of Libyan Desert Glass , a ‘glass’ formed from heat and pressure during the impact of a meteorite.

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Libyan Desert Glass specimens (Meteorite Glass / Impact Glass)

Lovely Libyan Desert Glass specimens, technically called Lechatelierite. Most of these pieces are actually found in Egypt, though,  and the surrounding Sahara. This material is becoming more and more expensive.


The soil or other material is catapulted into the atmosphere, and upon falling, gains a 'glassy' outer surface with bubbles and other signs of intense heat.

Our current stock consists of a single piece but this may change in future:

  • #1 - 12.6x10x1.6MM, a small squarish slice of the material.


There are other types of Tektite - the more common 'black Tektite' and the green 'Moldavite'.


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