Labradorite Emma Eggs

Labradorite Emma Eggs – a roughly polished rear with a highly polished front, showing off Labradorites gorgeous play of colour.

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Labradorite Emma Eggs

Labradorite emma eggs are fairly unusual way of presenting labradorite, which still looks nice. Rather than fully cutting, then polishing the labradorite into a polished dome, the stone is roughly cut and then roughly polished.

These stones have a lot of natural variation, and may have bright blue, green, yellow, pink, red, aqua, yellow, or golden play of colour in them.

These are quite a decent grade of Labradorite, not often seen outside of jewellery. They will come with a small plastic ring display stand - smaller than the one in the photographs, which I think distracts from the Labradorite.

Labradorites flash of colour can be quite directional - obviously, these pieces are photographed at the best angle I could find. Light angle is important too.

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

#2 – 35x33x21.7MM, #5 – 37.5×32.8×19.9MM, #6 – 34×30.4×22.2MM, #7 – 35.2×33.7×29.2MM, #8 – 35.4×34.2x25MM, #9 – 36×34.8×24.8MM, #11 – 41×35.9x22MM, #12 – 35.5x34x24MM, #14 – 40.5x39x20.1MM

2 reviews for Labradorite Emma Eggs

  1. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Great product, arrived overseas in just a few days.

  2. mrsvirago (verified owner)

    Beautiful specimin. Stunning flashes! Very well packaged 🙂

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