Labradorite Cabochons

Lovely Labradorite cabochons, available in a few sizes.

These cabochons are sold singly, but we do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

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Labradorite cabochons

Lovely round and oval Labradorite cabochons, available in a range of sizes and shapes - including round, oval, rose cut and more. We do also sell freeform Labradorite cabochons, parcels, and more. 

These cabochons all have a flash of colour, the lovely optical effect that Labradorite is famous for.

These pieces make a great stand out stone in silver or copper jewellery. Because of their flash of colour, they are incredibly popular with jewellers and buyers.

They are suitable for a range of jewellery pieces - rings, necklaces, etc. These cabochons are sold singly, but we do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

The larger pieces are probably rather suitable for wire wrapping, too - we'd love to see what you make!

  • Grade AA - excellent stones with a bright flash of colour over the majority of the stones face.
  • Grade A - good quality stones with minimal inclusions, good flash of colour over most of the stones face.
  • Grade B - decent quality stones, often with some inclusions, flash of colour over at least half of the stones face.
  • Grade C - not the best. Often included, fractured, etc - flash of colour in places.
  • Grade D - very poor quality, either due to a large number of inclusions or an almost complete lack of play of colour. Practice use only.



The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 cm
Size and Shape

4MM Round, 1pc, 4MM Round, 5pcs, 5MM Round, 1pc, 5MM Round, 5pcs, 6MM Round, 1pc, 6MM Round, 5pcs, 8MM Round, 1pc, 8MM Round, 5pcs, 10MM Round, 1pc, 12MM Round, 1pc, 14MM Round, 1pc, 15MM Round, 1pc, 16MM Round, 1pc, 18MM Round, 1pc, 7x5MM Oval, 1pc, 7x5MM Oval, 5pcs, 8x6MM Oval, 1pc, 8x6MM Oval, 5pcs, 9x7MM Oval, 1pc, 9x7MM Oval, 5pcs, 10x8MM Oval, 1pc, 10x8MM Oval, 5pcs, 11x9MM Oval, 1pc, 11x9MM Oval, 5pcs, 12x10MM Oval, 1pc, 12x10MM Oval, 5pcs, 14x10MM Oval, 1pc, 14x10MM Oval, 5pcs, 18x13MM Oval, 1pc, 25x18MM Oval, 1pc, 40x30MM Oval, 1pc, 6MM Rose Cut, 1pc, 8MM Rose Cut, 1pc, 10MM Rose Cut, 1pc, 5×5.5MM Bullet Cut, 1pc, 14x10MM Teardrop, 1pc, 18x13MM Teardrop, 1pc, 25x18MM Teardrop, 1pc, 20-30MM Moon Shape, 1pc, 5MM Square, 1pc, 6MM Square, 1pc


Grade A – Mixed Colours, Grade B – Mixed Colours, Grade C – Mixed Colours, Grade D – Mixed Colours

4 reviews for Labradorite Cabochons

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Labradorite cabochon
    Perfect for what I need , I will be buy lots of other crystals from you guys ,
    Thanks for great service and a great product ??

  2. Katarzyna Wypijewska (verified owner)

    Great service, good price and nice quality stones. Very happy 😊

  3. Katarzyna Wypijewska (verified owner)

    8mm rose cut cabochons – nice quality, well calibrated.

  4. Paige (verified owner)

    Stunning! Every stone has a flash and look beautiful

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