Emma Eggs

Our Emma Eggs are an interesting display piece – a roughly tumbled stone with one very highly polished ‘window’.

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Information about Emma Eggs

A roughly tumbled gemstone, with a highly polished ‘window’ cut into it.

According to a few sources online, these stones were formed in the Ema river of Brazil – river tumbled pieces of Quartz with a frosty outside. However, there doesn’t actually seem to be an “Ema River” in Brazil.

It is more likely that they are formed ‘unnaturally’ though – roughly rock tumbled and then polished.

Technically any stone can be made into an Emma Egg.

They are sometimes known as ‘Emma Eggs’, ‘Ema Eggs’, ‘Dragons Eggs’, ‘Window Pebbles’ or ‘Seer Stones’.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Emma Eggs

These stones hold any powers the gemstone itself is meant to bestow, of course – some people also consider them to be more focussed than rough specimens, due to the polished window piece.