Emma Eggs

Our Emma Eggs are an interesting display piece – a roughly tumbled stone with one very highly polished ‘window’.

They are sometimes known as ‘Emma Eggs’, ‘Ema Eggs’, ‘Dragons Eggs’, ‘Window Pebbles’ or ‘Seer Stones’ – see below for a little more info on the naming of these pieces.

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Emma eggs have a fairly vague background.

Personally, I think they’re just cut like this because it looks good; however, there are numerous websites which claim they were naturally tumbled by the Ema River in Brazil.

While there may have been some truth to this at one point, I’m not convinced – there is no river in Brazil called the Ema river. It’s possible someone did polish a window into a river rounded pebble and go… ‘alright, that’s nice.’

As far as I’m concerned, the pieces have been unnaturally tumbled, in a rock tumbler, not a river! After rough tumbling, a slice is cut out and then polished to a good polish.

They’re quite a nice way to show off the stones, to be honest – lots of nice clear Quartz pieces are cut into this form.