Heat resistant ceramic tipped tweezers

Heat resistant ceramic tipped tweezers for jewellery soldering.


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Heat resistant ceramic tipped tweezers

A cool concept, these - simply steel tweezers with ceramic tip inserts.

While steel is a conductor, ceramic is not, and therefore by sticking to extremely small, fine flames, these tweezers should be able to deal with precise jewellers tasks such as repositioning solder pallions.

The ceramic insert is not huge, though, so some care will need to be taken to avoid heating the steel tweezer tip accidentally.

I don't believe in selling things without testing them, so I've had a go - while I don't own a little smiths torch with the fine hot dual fuel flame, I was able to heat a small piece of steel to glowing hot with my (much, much larger than recommended!) MAPP torch. The steel handle didn't get warm.

I heated also a pair of the ceramic tips directly, to the extent they were glowing in relatively bright sun (for the UK) and the handles were still fine to hold.


There are three types currently available, all measuring between 125 and 130MM including the insert tip.

I will try and get some replacement ceramic tips in for these as soon as I can.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 13 × 2 × 2 cm

Straight needle nose, Curved needle nose, Angled needle nose


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