Hand tools for Fossil Preparation

Hand tools for preparing fossils and removing matrix.

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Hand tools for Fossil Preparation

High quality hand tools for fossil preparation - we currently sell two different types.

Fossil preparation (commonly known as fossil prepping) is the act of cleaning up fossil specimens and removing excess matrix and rock to better show off the specimen.

Of the two types we sell, the first is an ultra fine steel needle, with a surgical steel handle. While it is too thin for the majority of hard matrix, and too thin for prying, it is quite good for getting in to tight spaces, and would be perfectly suited for softer matrixes.

The second is a hardened Tungsten carbide bullet tipped probe - perfect for the removal of large amounts of matrix at a time.


Please be aware, these are not toys. The ultra fine needle is commonly sold in dissection kits - it is a SHARP needle.

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

Ultra fine steel needle, Tungsten Carbide tip


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