Garnet in Feldspar

Gorgeous gemmy Garnet crystals in white Feldspar. These specimens are from Skardu, Pakistan.


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Garnet in Feldspar

These are gorgeous gemmy Garnet crystals in a white feldspar matrix. All of these specimens come from Skardu, Pakistan.

The red Garnet contrasts amazingly against the white matrix - there is often more than one crystal on each specimen.


The Feldspar in these specimens is quite brittle, and I would recommend they are kept as display pieces and are not handled too often.

Our current stock includes:

  • #A1 - 28x23.5x23MM - several Garnet crystals almost seeming to follow a void in the Feldspar.
  • #A2 - 35.5x27x24MM - two damaged Garnet crystals, with a couple of tiny Quartz points.
  • #A3 - 48x36.5x20MM - a distinctive piece - a single Garnet crystal sitting atop an almost perfectly flat piece of white Feldspar.
  • #A4 - 41x21x29MM - A nice piece with a flat base making it great as a small cabinet specimen. One large Garnet.
  • #A5 - 51x45x38MM - Dozens of smaller Garnets cover the back of this piece - the front, however, has several large intermingled crystals.
  • #A9 - 27.5x21x13MM - A cluster of Garnets with a tiny bit of Feldspar matrix remaining.
  • #A10 - 57x44x36MM - A piece of white Feldspar covered with tiny but well formed Garnet crystals. Nice piece.
  • #A11 - 62.5x38.5x26MM - A smattering of smaller Garnets covering a white Feldspar matrix.
  • #A12 - 66x60x44MM - A large piece of white Feldspar with dozens of small bright Garnets.
  • #B2 - 44.5x34x19.5MM - Garnet and Quartz on Feldspar, with several Garnets standing out against the pale backdrop.
  • #B3 - 40.5x37x27.5MM - A nice specimen of Garnet and Quartz on Feldspar with two nicely developed Quartz points.
  • #B4 - 66x39x18MM - One Garnet crystal with distinct growth lines sitting on a matrix of white Quartz and Feldspar, with the occasional poorly defined patch of Garnet.
  • #B5 - 73x46x43MM - A Garnet filled Quartz point sitting atop a block of white Feldspar.
  • #B6 - 69x37.5x30MM - Two nice quality Garnets; one on the top, one on the bottom.
  • #B7 - 50x38.5x35MM - An interesting piece of crystalline Feldspar with a few nice Quartz points and a damaged Garnet.
  • #B8 - 51x47x45MM - A single Garnet with two or three decent Quartz points.
  • #B9 - 55x40.5x26MM - A large Garnet sitting over a matrix of white Feldspar and Quartz crystals.
  • #B13 - 55x48x45.6MM - A very nice specimen with several well defined Garnets and a few nice points of Quartz too.
  • #C1 - 48.5x30x15.5MM - A nice specimen with well defined, colourful Garnets, and several patches of Mica.
  • #C2 - 85x60x34MM - A nice piece with bright gemmy Garnets and a few patches of Mica.
  • #C3 - 90x70x52MM - A large piece, around half of it is covered in Garnets.
  • #C4 - 100x65x56MM - A  large piece covered with bright gemmy Garnets and patches of Mica.

The pictures you see here are the exact products you'll receive - just pick the ones you like the best. 🙂

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