Garnet crystal chips in a bottle


Small bottles filled with lovely red Garnet crystal chips.

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Garnet crystal chips in a bottle

Small tumbled red Garnet crystal chips, in a small glass bottle with a cork.

These lovely red tumbled chips are tiny, measuring no more than 3-5MM each. The bottle itself is around 4-5CM tall, and contains dozens, if not hundreds of these tiny chips.

These can make lovely gifts, as a display object at a low price. However, the cork is removable, so we can’t recommend them for young children. They could easily be removed from the bottle and swallowed.

As a cheap, lower grade form of Garnet, these chips may be a very dark red, even closer to black than red.


For more information about Garnet, and a full list of all our related products, please see our ‘Garnet’ page.

We do sell a wide range of gemstone chips in bottles, not just Garnet.


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