Otodus Sharks Tooth on Matrix


Fossilised Otodus sharks teeth on a composite matrix – available in a few different sizes.


Fossil Otodus Sharks Tooth on Matrix

Fossil Otodus Sharks Tooth on matrix stone – typically, this is a composite matrix.

A composite matrix means the tooth was found, and has been artificially added in to a stone matrix to make a display object. The matrix may be as old as the tooth or it may be artificial; like sand and resin.


Otodus sharks lived during the Paleocene to the Miocene epochs, around 60-45 million years ago. These are very common fossils in Morocco, typically from Otodus Obliquus. Otodus does have a worldwide distribution, though. Its teeth were quite important in the fossil record, as there is substantial evidence of them growing serrations, which has been used as evidence in a theory of their evolution into Carcharocles (Megalodon).

These teeth are typically in quite good condition. In all likelihood, that is because they’re composite fossils. These teeth were specifically chosen by the makers.
Still, some may show cracks and signs of repair. A large number of them are also missing the cusps either side of the tooth.



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