Carcharodon Megalodon Sharks Teeth

Fossilised Carcharodon Megalodon teeth, sold in a range of sizes and qualities.


Carcharodon Megalodon Teeth

These amazing pieces are fossilised Carcharodon Megalodon teeth, from an ancient and gigantic shark.

Due to their very nature, they make amazing collectors pieces, and the cheaper incomplete teeth are great for kids too.

This shark lived around 23 to 2.6 million years ago, and grew up to 18 metres long!

As sharks are prone to shedding their teeth, these are still relatively common fossil finds in certain areas. Most of the best quality ones are found along the coast of the United States.

We sell these teeth in a few different sizes, and a few different qualities. We do get different locales from time to time, too - Indonesia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Caledonia, sometimes even Peru.


Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - a 104x66x16MM tooth from Java, Indonesia. While it has a damaged root and several other areas of damage/missing pieces, the serrations on this tooth are excellent for the price.
  • #2 - a 110x88x21MM tooth from New Caledonia, in the South Pacific. This is an uncommon locale for Meg teeth, and no new teeth have come to market in a long time. This piece is not in perfect condition and is missing some of the root and the enamel.
  • #3 - a 96.5x60x20MM tooth from South Carolina, USA. This tooth is around 3/4 complete, missing some of the root and a small area of the tooth enamel. The root is in a relatively poor condition but is stable.
  • #4 - 65x50x16.5MM tooth from Indonesia. This tooth suffers from the common issue with Indonesian Megalodon teeth; the root is extremely fragile and is made of a soft grainy limestone mineral. The serrations are still sharp and the enamel is in reasonable condition.
  • #5 - 50x59x12.9MM tooth from Indonesia. This tooth has a good condition blade with good serrations - it does have a small crack on the rear. Unfortunately, the root has degraded entirely.
  • #6 - 59x48x15.5MM tooth from Indonesia. This tooth has a good condition blade with good serrations. Unfortunately, the root has degraded entirely.
  • #7 - 82x57.5x21MM tooth from Indonesia. Rather a damaged one, unfortunately. The root has degraded entirely and a large piece of enamel is missing on the front.
  • #8 - 77x47x18.5MM tooth from Indonesia. Another reasonably damaged piece, the root has degraded and an area of the tooth itself is missing. However, the majority of the enamel and serrations are intact.
  • #9 - 62.5x57.8x15.5MM tooth from Indonesia. This tooth has a good condition blade with good serrations. Unfortunately, the root has degraded entirely.
  • #10 - 77.7x56.5x28MM tooth from Indonesia. A poor condition fragment. The root has degraded, the tip is missing, and some of the enamel to the rear has started to delaminate.
  • #11 - 75x75x26MM tooth from Indonesia. Pretty much half of a tooth. The root is largely intact, but the tip of the tooth and most of the enamel on the rear is missing.
  • #12 - 77.5x77.5x19MM tooth from Indonesia. A reasonably good piece; intact and stable, although it does have a few small chips missing from the root and blade.
  • #13 - 97x78.5x20MM tooth from Indonesia. What would have been a lovely tooth, which unfortunately looks like its been hit with a tool during extraction. Good quality serrations, root is mostly intact - probably good for someone who restores these teeth with polymer clay etc.
  • #14 - 105x99x30MM tooth from Indonesia. A half of a very large 'feeling' tooth. It is missing the tip, and the root is in poor condition. Some of the enamel to the rear is fragile/delaminating.
  • #15 - 105x83x27MM tooth from Indonesia. Another tooth that unfortunately seems to have been hit with a tool when extracting. The root is quite fragile and may degrade - unusually it appears to have the impression of a bivalve or similar in the residue.
  • #16 - 100x70x20MM tooth from Indonesia. A reasonable tooth from Indonesia - it is stable, but is unfortunately missing some of its enamel. It also has chips out of the sides unfortunately, and part of the tip is missing.


On some teeth, the roots may have been restored, or be partially incomplete. We don't stock too many Megalodon teeth, so you can pick the piece you like!




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Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

#1 – 104x66x16MM – Indonesia, #2 – 110x88x21MM – New Caledonia, #3 – 96.5x60x20MM – South Carolina, USA, #4 – 65x50x16.5MM – Indonesia, #5 – 50x59x12.9MM – Indonesia, #6 – 59x48x15.5MM – Indonesia, #7 – 82×57.5x21MM – Indonesia, #8 – 77x47x18.5MM – Indonesia, #9 – 62.5×57.8×15.5MM – Indonesia, #10 – 77.7×56.5x28MM – Indonesia, #11 – 75x75x26MM – Indonesia, #12 – 77.5×77.5x19MM – Indonesia, #13 – 97×78.5x20MM – Indonesia, #14 – 105x99x30MM  – Indonesia, #15 – 105x83x27MM – Indonesia, #16 – 100x70x20MM – Indonesia


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