Emerald Crystals in Matrix, Pakistan


Lovely little green Emerald crystals in a Quartz matrix.

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Emerald Crystals in Matrix

We currently have these five nice specimens of Emerald crystals in a Quartz matrix from Swat in Pakistan.

The Emerald crystals themselves are nice and bright; especially contrasted against the clean Quartz matrix.

The five pieces we currently have for sale are:

  1. 28x25x20MM approximately.
  2. 33x20x20MM approximately.
  3. 40x29x20MM approximately.
  4. 20x20x15MM approximately.
  5. 35x20x20MM approximately.

The photos show the exact items available for sale.



We sell a few different sized pieces and styles of Emerald – please check our Emerald section for more.


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