Dinosaur Bone – polished slices

Lovely polished slices of Dinosaur bone, tremendously popular with fossil collectors.

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Polished Dinosaur Bone Slices

Lovely pieces of Dinosaur bone with one rough side and one polished side. Sliced minerals always look great, sliced fossils are a little hit and miss, but I think these look amazing.

The slices generally have spongy bone on both sides, which actually makes them quite an interesting way to show students the structures of fossilised bone.

They come from various species of dinosaur, from various locations around the world. It's well worth pointing out that these come from unidentifiable pieces or fragments of bone, pieces of limited scientific value.


  • Dinosaur bone slice #2 - 65x35x15MM approximately - Jurassic, Utah.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

#1 – Dinosaur bone slice – 55x50x12MM approx, #2 – Utah Dinosaur bone slice – 65x35x15MM approx, #3 – Dinosaur bone slice – 77x60x11MM, #4 – Dinosaur bone slice – 80x40x8MM


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