Crinoids from Charmouth and Lyme Regis, UK

Fossilised Crinoid stems and mortality plates from Charmouth and Lyme Regis.


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Crinoids from Charmouth and Lyme Regis, UK

These are fragments of ancient fossilised remains of sea creatures known as Crinoids.

These pieces were all collected around the Jurassic Coast of Charmouth or Lyme Regis in the UK. These mortality plates are some of the more uncommon fossils to find, compared to Ammonites and Belemnites; single Crinoid stems are easy to find almost anywhere!

We sell a few different pieces; they are all broken off larger pieces. Unfortunately, they are often broken when found.

Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 33x18x3.4MM - a small piece with several stem fragments. Coated with a light layer of preservative.
  • #2 - 28x25x6.5MM - a well preserved piece with a golden shine; this has been rubbed with a brass brush to bring the golden colour out of the Pyrite.
  • #3 - 100x55x6MM - a well preserved and fairly large piece which has unfortunately been broken upon removal and repaired. This specimen is Pyritic but has not been brushed.
  • #4 - 70x30x15MM - a Limestone piece with some good details, absolutely filled with fossils!
  • #5 - 100x98x18MM - a large Calcite piece from Lyme Regis with excellent details, containing numerous fossils, including partial calyx and head. This is most likely Pentacrinites sp.
  • #6 - 84.4x58.5x11.5MM - an exceptionally detailed piece, partially pyritised.
  • #7 - 65x28x8MM - a smaller Calcite/Limestone piece which has unfortunately suffered some weathering - a great budget option.


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