Convoy T2 filtered UV flashlight, 365nm

The Convoy T2 is a small ultraviolet light that uses a single battery, and puts out a considerable amount of light for its size.


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Convoy T2 filtered UV flashlight, 365nm

A fantastic little light!

I hadn't seen these before, despite owning a Convoy S2 and C8, both great 365nm UV lights.


The T2 is a small ultraviolet light that uses a single battery, either AA (1.5v) or 14500 (3.7v). I didn't have a 14500 battery, but the single cheap AA battery I tried put out an impressive amount of light for the size. Considering the size of the Convoy C8 I keep on my desk, this is a great alternative and will likely be added to the items I carry daily!

Without a battery, the torch weighs approximately 51 grams, and measures 93x21.2MM approximately. It uses a CUN66A1B LED and a ZWB2 glass filter.

I do not supply these torches with batteries to make it easier to ship these torches.

AA batteries can be purchased from any store, or 14500 batteries and chargers can be easily purchased online. 


Ultraviolet light is used in mineralogy and palaentology as a quick and easy test for material identification, and to find specimens made of certain materials while in the field. Corundum, Calcium, Chalcedony, Fluorite, and Sodalite are all reasonably common minerals that may demonstrate fluorescence under UV light. Fossils often glow too, due to Calcium minerals making up the main mass.

In antique hunting it is useful for similar reasons; identifying certain materials and especially in quickly verifying whether a clock is likely to have radium painted hands without the considerable expense of a quality geiger counter.

There are three types of UV light typically used in this context, which are, simply:

  • Longwave UVA (365-400 nm)
  • Midwave UVB (315-365 nm)
  • Shortwave UVC (254-315 nm)

Different wavelengths can 'excite' different minerals differently - some pieces may light up under 255nm but not 365nm.


Now - Ultraviolet light can be dangerous. Prolonged exposure can cause sunburn, eye damage, and even skin cancer. I highly recommend purchasing a set of UV filtering glasses too. 

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